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Director, Justin Anderson founded ProSwitched in 2012 formerly known as JLA Electrical in Bundaberg, Queensland.

A licensed Instrumentation and Electrical Fitter Mechanic, Justin’s hands-on attitude, as well as his experiences at previous electrical companies, gives ProSwitched the advantage over competitors of a very well trained & experienced electrician, at the foundation of the business. We have a vast range of experience in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Continuously training and upskilling to offer a better informed and a reliable service. ProSwitched is dedicated to implementing and finding new and initiative ways to better your business or home.

We offer all our clients exceptional services while using the highest quality products. Our level of expertise is unrivalled and we are dedicated to meet every single need you might have. With our vast knowledge of electrical installations and maintenance strategies, we strive to deliver the best possible solutions to meet all requirements.

Reliable and affordable is what we're known for

ProSwitched is dedicated to supplying reliable and affordable services is what we are known for. We ensure that each job is done to strict health standards to meet with all safety requirements. We have public liability cover of $10,000,000 to give clients peace of mind. With many years of experience in the industry, unrivalled expertise, and a team of highly skilled electricians, we aim to please every customer. We provide solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic customers.


There’s no task that’s too small or too big for us. We pride ourselves in providing prompt, reliable and affordable services which you can trust.

Justin Anderson, Founder


ProSwitched’s knowledge in the next generation of "programmable logic controllers" (PLC) has been a highlight and the end result was the most impressive.

Gavin Lerch

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Our team are dedicated to finding the solution for your automation, electrical, irrigation or solar needs with the latest technology. Save time and money in your business or home!

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