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Remote locations, long distances, geographical and environmental challenges complicate the management of agricultural and irrigation sites. Having staff available at a site to gather status resource information and manage equipment is increasingly impractical and expensive as deployment size grows.

ProSwitched has solutions for all applications to make it possible to monitor and control assets and resources that were previously inaccessible.

ProSwitched’s impressive portfolio of sensors combined with industries leading supplier’s our secure, robust wireless networks enable real-time access to information and equipment deployed in remote and distant locations, eliminating the need for site visits and onsite staff. Wirelessly monitor a vast range of different applications Discrete I/O and Analog signals available across multiple frequencies.

These systems are all cable free and can be installed to any site, we offer Radio Frequency Node technology that can be adapted to a solar panel for constant charging or a lithium battery which can be configured to use as little power as possible, depending on application battery can range in lifespan typically average 2-year lifespan.

Contact ProSwitched today and learn about the advantages of Wireless Radio Frequency Nodes.


If power is not readily available a ProSwitched pressure or flow traducer node can monitor when a hydrant has flow or pressure these nodes use efficient power management technology allow users to choose from solar, battery, or dc power without compromising the performance or response time to the wireless controller, which is then configured to site-specific requirements. Contact ProSwitched today to discuss your Flow and Pressure solutions.


A ProSwitched Node with internal battery directly connected to a temperature and humidity sensor can provide these measurements without costly conduit or cabling, eliminating the need to manually collect data from multiple sensor locations. IP67 electronics and a variety of filter options make this product suited for the wide temperature and humidity ranges encountered in a Greenhouse, Silo or any site-specific installation.

As the wireless network master device, a Wireless Controller can be used to schedule specific events (e.g. turn pumps/fans on or off, open and close greenhouse louvres, turn on and off heat lamps etc), log the temperature or humidity data, or e-mail or text status messages.

When the temperature or humidity measurements are outside acceptable levels, the Wireless Controller can e-mail alerts to a specific list of e-mail addresses, activate an alarm system, or trigger environmental control devices to return the controlled environment to its desired conditions. Contact ProSwitched today to discuss your Temperature and Humidity solutions.


Storage tanks can be found in a wide variety of locations and environments, from indoor or outdoor installations to above or below ground. Properly monitoring and managing levels inside these tanks can help improve efficiency and increase productivity and profitability. Contact ProSwitched today and learn about the advantages of wireless tank level monitoring.


Maintaining the proper soil moisture is critically important for healthy crops. The root system of any crop is important, requiring a specific soil moisture content to grow and produce fruit.

Air temperature is monitored to protect crops from frost. When the temperature nears freezing, the irrigation system is automatically turned on to protect the crop. Water and energy are conserved because the irrigation system is only used when the temperature is near freezing.

A Radio with analog inputs and an interface for a soil moisture probe is mounted on a stake driven into the ground in multiple locations. A thermistor connected to an input on the Slave Radio monitors soil and ambient temperatures.

Soil moisture content and temperature data is wirelessly transmitted back to a Wireless Controller. When air temperatures drop below specific limits, the controller sends text messages or an email to the farmers. This frost early warning system allows the farmers to take appropriate actions to minimize possible crop damage. Soil moisture levels are logged with the controller, allowing the farmers to more efficiently irrigate their fields and conserve water while also reducing energy costs.

Installations can either be set up with a solar panel or have a battery with an estimated 1.5-year life span, allowing the customer to include battery replacement on an annual schedule.

ProSwitched’s wireless networks can be configured in multiple ways over Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Radio which provides local control of critical data. Contact ProSwitched today and learn about the advantages of wireless Frost Protection and Soil monitoring.


When you need to know exactly what the weather is doing out in the field ProSwitched have Wireless Weather Station solutions that give real-time updates on weather activity and can be programmed so your irrigation system reacts accordingly.

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ProSwitched’s knowledge in the next generation of "programmable logic controllers" (PLC) has been a highlight and the end result was the most impressive.

Gavin Lerch

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