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Irrigation is such an important and expensive part of any agriculture business we at ProSwitched are dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions to your business. We offer a vast range of technologies to increase crop quality and yield potential.

At ProSwitched we know each farm is different so we can design the perfect installation for your business, for basic start-stop control on irrigation pumps to fully designing fertigation systems controlled from the convenience of an app on your mobile phone which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

We Service and Install all systems for irrigation from basic installations to fully automated requirements. We know power usage is a big part of irrigating so we offer energy efficient solutions from Variable Speed Drives to offset power and water to Solar System Installations

Center Pivot Irrigation


Where centre arm pivot irrigation systems are used to minimize water use and ensure crop health. Because the sections of the centre pivot assembly have to move at different speeds, the motors moving each section must be monitored to verify each section is moving at the proper speed and time.

If any motors fail or a section does not rotate properly, the crops will not be irrigated correctly or the irrigation system may become damaged. Early detection of such failures is important to both the machinery and the crops.

With a ProSwitched wireless network, centre pivot irrigation systems can be tracked without compromising any existing equipment.

A Wireless Node mounted at each joint can monitor the motor switches. When a pivot section has failed to move properly, a signal is sent to a Wireless Controller mounted at a central control station.

When using a ProSwitched Wireless Controller or host system to collect data, a text message or e-mail can be used to notify maintenance personnel that a section of the pivot assembly has stopped working properly.

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ProSwitched’s knowledge in the next generation of "programmable logic controllers" (PLC) has been a highlight and the end result was the most impressive.

Gavin Lerch

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