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Monitoring & Control

Whether it's for your storage tank, pressure stations or for you to keep an eye on humidity or weather, ProSwitched can help you with robust and manageable monitoring systems.

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Irrigation is such an important and expensive part of any agriculture business we at ProSwitched are dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions to your business. We offer a vast range of technologies to increase crop quality and yield potential.

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Remote Irrigation

We can configure any site-specific requirements from SMS texting, HMI interfacing and web browser accessibility.

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Feedback from Hydrant

Perfect for feedback from Water Hydrants to confirm water flow to minimise site visits.

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Process & Sorting Machines

We understand that time is money when a machine breaks down, so we do everything in a control to get your business up and running as smooth and as quickly as possible.

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With water and electricity prices continuing to rise we at ProSwitched work closely to agriculture specialist and farm owners to achieve the desired outcome, with costs continuing to rise across all aspects of agriculture we at ProSwitched pride ourselves on being very efficient and cost-effective.

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Energy Efficiency

As Electricity costs rise, consult us to give guidance and recommendations on how you can save money on your power bill and lower your carbon footprint. We offer a vast range of Energy Efficiency solutions from Solar, LED Lighting to full Electrical Energy audits plus much more.

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ProSwitched’s knowledge in the next generation of "programmable logic controllers" (PLC) has been a highlight and the end result was the most impressive.

Gavin Lerch

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Our team are dedicated to finding the solution for your automation, electrical, irrigation or solar needs with the latest technology. Save time and money in your business or home!

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